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1 Membership.

  • New Customer can visit to register FREE of charge. 

  • The registered customer will be the individual who’s in charge of all payments for shipments coming in.

  • PASPAK offers a pickup service only if delivery is required other arrangements can be made. 

  • Your account can be temporarily suspended if in arrears.  

  • PASPAK TT retains the right to terminate this agreement with two weeks' notice. 

2 Packages.

Packages are sent to your personal SkyBox Via : 


A) U.S.P.S ( United States Postal Service )  

B) Personal delivery by suppliers, friends, and loved ones 

C) Courier Services ( FedEx, UPS, DHL, USPS Registered Mail ) NOTE: C.O.D Shipment is not accepted in Miami. 

D) Every package must be accompanied by an invoice for Customs purposes.   


If you are interested in tracking your shipments that were shipped with the above shippers, please log on to the respective website using the assigned tracking # or contact our local office and we will be happy to assist. 


Our in-house package tracking software will notify you when a package arrives for your account in less than 24hrs. If you are not expecting any packages and you are notified that an item has been received for you, please immediately contact our local office and advise us of the AWB #. 


Your shippers are to ensure that your US address and POS # are correctly labelled on all items to avoid any miss-delivery or delays on your shipments.

3 Mail.

 Yes, PASPAK TT offers a Mail Service

4 Duty, Vat & O.P.T. 

  • PASPAK  TT will pay the respected taxes on your behalf, upon collection an invoice will be presented to you for reimbursement of taxes and additional charges. 

  • All personal effects online purchase shipments will be entitled to the OPT (Online Purchase Tax of 7%). 

  • Shipments with values over $3000.00 USD (CIF) or Trade shipments will be bonded for clearance by the customer or their broker as a Trade Entry.  

  • In order for the customer or broker to collect the Delivery documents for shipment bonded, all freight charges must be paid in full. 

  • PASPAK can arrange a broker if the customer requires one, Our broker can also arrange to have the customer register with Customs at NO additional cost. 

  • The customer will be responsible for obtaining all OGA’s eg: Food & Drug, Plant Quarantine, etc. if required. 

  •  Packed Boxes shipment are not OPT chargeable.

5 Limitations & Liability.

  • PASPAK TT will not be liable for any shipments from your suppliers before it arrives at the mailing address. 

  • We are not liable for the inefficiencies of any shipping company in the US. 

  • PASPAK TT nor our US agents are not liable for packages that are attempted to be delivered after our working hours.

  • We are not liable for packages with the incorrect address and POS # on shipments. 

  • If packages arrive without invoices, we will take all necessary measures to contact the customer to get an invoice for customs purposes. If Customs assigned a value because of the lack of documentation by the customer, we will not be held liable for overvalued shipments. 

  • We are not liable for damages on shipment, lost items or packages due to reasons beyond our control. 

  • We are not liable for incorrect orders, incorrect quantities or any discrepancy or error with your package being received. 

  • If your shipment arrives damaged upon delivery, the shipment will be refused and returned to sender.

  • We claim for lost or damaged shipments as per Airline Terms. 

  • We advise customers if they are shipping Televisions, please add additional insurance to cover their shipment. 

  • PASPAK TT is not liable if your TV arrives damage, Customers are advised to insure all Televisions before shipping.

6 Oversize Packages. 

Customers are to contact our local office before shipping a large package to the Skybox address. Customers are to note that larger packages such as toys, television etc. that cannot fit in our shipping bags will be forwarded at a cost to another Miami Agent for shipping to POS via Air Freight. Take out completely item in yellow.

7 Restricted & Prohibited Shipments.

  1. Hazardous or Flammable items, e.g. Aerosols, Fuels, Fireworks, Explosives etc. 

  2. Perishables, e.g. Seeds, Live Plants, or Frozen Items 

  3. Animals, Feathers or Honey 

  4. Firearms & Accessories 

  5. Cash 

  6. Pornographic Material of any sort 

  7. Illegal Substance (The account will be subject to termination ) 

  8. Jewellery 

  9. Alcoholic Beverages  

  10. Fertilizers 

  11. Cologne, Perfume 

  12. Glue & Adhesives 

  13. Chemicals (Agricultural ) 

  14. Large Magnets 

  15. Batteries of any sort 

  16. Vehicle Parts that have been in contact with Fuel or Oil 

  17. Oxygen Tanks ( Full / Half Full ) 

  18. Tear Gas 

  19.  Swords

  20. Camouflage 

  21. Trinidad and Tobago National Flag

8 Storage of Packages in Trinidad Office.

  • You can request that we hold your items for a very short period of time if you are unavailable, however, we ask with all efforts that payments are made for your shipments so we can ensure our service runs efficiently.  

  • Customers are to advise if the delivery address or contact number on the account has been changed to ensure that there’s no delay in their delivery and communication. 

  • Package with incorrect POS # or Names that are left unclaimed will be kept in storage and will be discarded after 30 days. 


Unpaid bills can also cause a delay in delivery and packages can go into storage. We ask for your understanding as we have already paid all necessary charges to ensure the quick delivery of your shipments, while we do not charge a warehouse rent for unclaimed packages we will take the necessary avenues to recover payments for packages that have not been collected for a period of 30 days.  

9 Payments.

We accept cash, Linx and credit card. A credit facility will be granted once approved by our head office. 

10 US Address on your Credit Card.

Some websites would not accept credit cards with your local address, don’t worry about this. Call your bankers and request that they use the US address as an alternate address on your credit card. This will facilitate your checkout process as your billing and shipping address will be identical. 

11 Package Weight & Charges.

  • All packages are re-weighed for billing and documentation purpose

  • There are times that your supplier or local handlers use the incorrect weight on packages e.g. your package weighs 1lb but labeled as 2lbs or vice versa. We always re-weigh to ensure that you pay on the correct weight. 

  • Freight charges from Miami are calculated on Actual Weight only, Packages coming for New York, freight charges are based on Cubic and Actual Weight.

12 Collecting Items at our Local Office.

 If you are sending someone to collect packages on your behalf, please ensure that they have an authorization letter signed by you accompanied with an ID. Package must be collected is AWB order number. 

13 Telephone Number Requested by Shippers.

  • Checking out of your online purchases some vendors request your contact number. Please do not provide our Miami contact number, furnish them with your telephone number that the bank has on file where it can also be used for verification purposes.  

  • Always remember to include the country code ( 1-868-xxx-xxxx ) 

14 Hazardous Cargo.

Hazardous Cargo cannot be shipped by any air freight service, our customers are in good hands as our parent company read PAS Trinidad Ltd/Lazzari & Sampson can assist with shipping all your hazardous shipments. Please contact your PASPAK local office and we will be happy to assist. 

15 Miami Address.

  • The Miami address is that of a Florida-based freight forwarder, a separate entity of PASPAK TT. This address is only to be used for receiving your PASPAK TT packages only. 

  • This address is not to be used for registering your personal business in the United States. 

  • No C.O.D shipments are accepted in Miami. 

  • Walk-in deliveries are accepted. 

  • Miami office hours are from 9 am to 5 pm 

  • Cut-off time in Miami for packages to arrive and be shipped out on the next flight is at 1 pm on the said day. 

  • All packages will be thoroughly inspected before shipping. 

  • PASPAK TT together with our parent company PAS Trinidad Ltd / Lazzari & Sampson can facilitate LCL and FCL shipments, please contact our local office for more information. 

16 New York Services

  • No C.O.D shipments .

  • All packages will be thoroughly inspected before shipping to POS.

  • PASPAK TT together with our parent company PAS Trinidad Ltd / Lazzari & Sampson can facilitate LCL and FCL shipments, please contact our local office for more information.

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