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About Us

PASPAK TT is a local Skybox company that allows individuals and businesses to have the benefit of a US Address for purchasing online and have the items shipped to Trinidad at a competitive cost.  


Our business goal is to become one of the leading Skybox Companies in Trinidad & Tobago and we will make sure that every task competes favourably with the best in the industry in terms of time and efficiency. At PASPAK TT, our customer’s best interests must come first, and everything we do will be guided by our professional ethics. We will ensure that we hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards meeting our client’s needs precisely and completely.  


Our Parent company PAS Trinidad Ltd /Lazzari & Sampson is one of the leading shipping companies both in Import and Export via Air and Ocean in Trinidad & Tobago, no shipment is too tiny or too large for us. Our team is ready to meet your shipping needs. 


We have worked in the freight industry for over six decades, both in Air & Ocean and we have extensive experience and business knowledge working in the Skybox industry. 

Our Services


PASPAK TT offers our customers their personal shipping address in the US which gives you that US presence. Packages are shipped from Miami, cleared, and held at our El Socorro office for pickup. Arrangements can be made for delivery. All shipments must be correctly labeled to prevent any delays. 



Our parent company PAS Trinidad Ltd / Lazzari & Sampson has years of experience in the Air & Ocean Import and Export industry. Please contact our local office for further information. 



10 lb and 100 lbs

Up to 1 lb


2 lb and 10 lbs


11 lbs and 100 lbs

$5.00 US / TT $34.50

$2.99 US / TT $20.63 

$2.85 US / TT $19.67 

More Than 100 lbs

$2.70US / TT $18.63 

Each package (AWB) Service Fee (Handling Charge), 


Up to 5lbs - $ 20.00 TT 

6lbs and Above - $ 35.00 TT 

Note: Each package is subject to a 1lb freight charge

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